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»Merovingian Explained«

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Symbols in the Matrix & References to existing philosophies



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Why are we talking about Trinity being pregnant, and other such nonsense. This is a forum for analysis of the Film. Though I understand that said analysis can include speculation, let us not move into the realm of fantasy.

Earlier I had written that:

"The key is that the Merovincian bloodline may be one of the oldest in all humanity (The New Testament takes the time to trace Jesus' ancestry all the way back to King David, Isaac, Abraham, Noah, Adam etc.) There are scholors who beleive that the Merovincian dynasty can be traced back to the dawn of time, and is somehow related to all the major develpements of civilization (agriculture, astronomy, mathematics, metallurgy, navigation, architecture, language, writing, and religion). Some believe the Merovincian family line started with Gods who ruled the world. These Gods created humans as their slaves. This tradition is common among all the major ancient civilizations (Simetic, Babylonian, Sumerian, Egytpian, Mesopotamian, Etc.) This theme of enslavement runs deep in The Matrix."

It occured to me that the scene before we are introduced to the Merovinagian has the Oracle explaining to Neo how various programs are created to watch over the Matrix. These programs can then be deleted becuase they break, become obsolete, etc. She goes on to tell Neo that the Merovingian is one of the oldest and post powerful of these programs. As I have stated before, I do not beleive there is sufficient evidence to support the Merovingian being a former One. It could be that the Merovingian was sort of a system application which oversaw the entire Matrix. I saw a posting somewhere else, where this was speculated. Let us not forget that there have been earleir versions of the Matrix. Persephone makes a reference to silver bullets which kind of fits neatly with when the Oracle mentioned that stories of vampires and werewolves are system problems. It could be that the Merovingian was the sort of like an operating system for the original Matrix, which is now obsolete. Though the Merovingian is an old program he could obvioulsy be very powerful. In my mind I imigine something similar to how DOS is imbedded in Widows. Everything uses the Windows code, and the Windows code has all the bells and whistles, the functionality of managing all the applications running on the operating system. However, DOS is still an effective way of managing the programs, though the object oriented elements of Windows are far more sophisticated. This fits thematicly into the concept of the Merovingian (The French Bloodline) being from the antiquities and an originator of the elements of civilization. Possibly, the Merovingian used to oversee all the componants of human culture and language in the First Matrix (The Neural Network), then another program came along that did a better job, or possibly the Merovingian became obsolete because of the introduction of "choice" into the coding of the Matrix. The Merovingian would no longer have to oversee the elements of human culture as choice could define culture and langauge. This also works with the Merovingian/Satan parallel, i.e. the fallen angel.

I have more thoughts on this but I have to stop now, but more to follow, I need to organize my thoughts.



Re: Fiction?  

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SJ wrote:

One should know that The DaVinci Code is of course a work of fiction, which has a good many myths and untruths in it about Christianity/Catholicism.

For a criticism of the book, visit this Masonic site, guaranteed not to be necessarily biased in favor of the Catholic Church!


While the plot of the 'DaVinci Code' is certainly fiction, the theories (and many facts) are well-substantiated by historical research and the apocryphal (or Gnostic) gospels themselves. Even better, a simple glance at DaVinci's works are quite illuminating after reading the book.


Agree Merovingian not a former one  

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I have just started to post
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Posted this on another thread but it applies better here.

OK the Matrix uses tons of religion and mythological references to tell it's tale. Building on those themes. Here are some interesting plots to consider.

Zion = Jerusalem. Heart of all humanity.

In human history, Merovingian is a line of Kings descendant from of the original bloodline of the true king of Jerusalem, the Son of David.

The Architect is an AI, created by machines to build the Matrix.

Merovingian collects old programs, vampires, werewolves, from the early Matrix. These programs are echoed into the matrix as myths and legends. Merovingian can influence the Matrix from behind the scenes. He also holds the key maker, who can travel through backdoors that the architect can not find, outside of the matrix. He is outside the grasp of the Architect, independent running, of the Matrix. He has mixed feelings of helping Neo, if he said the right thing he would have been helped. Instead he tries to stop Neo from succeeding. Why?

Merovingian is descendant(coded from) from the original program that is Zion.

Merovingian has this power because it was to be the original Matrix, a first or earlier version. But was rejected by humans because they thought it should be something else. It was replaced with the Architect, who gives the people what they want, Merovingian has made a pact with the Architect, to have stronger power within the matrix (the old programs do things outside the rules of the matrix). In exchange for this power in the Matrix, the Merovingian promises to not reveal the true nature of Zion. The Merovingian would like to take the place of the Architect, so will only help the One if he is sure he will win. Neo could destroy not only the Architect, but the Zion construct as well. Hence the Merovingian will not help him.

Is Merovingian the original architect? Written by the creator of Zion, (to create a better place for sleeping people to live their lives in ignorant bliss) that should be the true ruler, or Architect, of the Matrix?


kien es el tio del restaurante de Merovingio?  

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pues es el anterior elegido

The Two


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Somewhat experienced poster
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Well, it appears that it was Rama-Kandra.

Neo: "I've seen you before."
Rama-Kandra: "Yes, in the restaurant of the Frenchman."


Cause and effect  

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The Merovingian is the program that controlled cause and effect in the matrix. He is very myopic in this view, seeing everything as merely cause and effect. He was replaced with a more dynamic system that encompassed free will and faith, hence his distaste for the Oracle. He does not understand these functions, even though he pretends too.

Being master of cause and effect allows him to become very powerful within the matrix. He is secular and focused on the physical. This may be a hint why he trades in the flow of information. The cause and effect being a point of information exchange.

He would of served a major role in previous systems, hence his work with programs from the machine city.

Maybe he still is master of cause and effect in the matrix and is not a rouge program? He may still serve avery basic function of every action has a reaction? He was added in the first matrix, but has lost a lot power/control with the introduction of the more dynamic elements?

He speaks of working in the present tense, Of course I know these things, it is my JOB to know these things....

He does not care for or understand free will, hence his desire for the oracle's eyes and demise...


Cause and effect  

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Hey, my tenth post!
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My theory I have been trying to explain for a while. The Merovingian seams to be fairly representative of the Seven Deadly Sins - as follows -

Glutony - "I drink too much wine, I must take a piss."

Lust - The episode where Persephonie tells (a vampire or something) that the Merovingian can be found in the women's bathroom, also "She wasn't kissing your face, my love"

Pride - "Mark my words, boy, and mark them well. I have survived your predecessors, and I will survive you."

Anger - Anger at Persephonie, and also trying to kill Neo most of the way through Reloaded

Greed - "The Keymaker is mine and I see no reason why I should give him up. No reason at all" - Also just look at his excessive lifestyle and collections of various programs, all just being hoarded for his own benefit.

Envy - A bit of a harder one, perhaps "Ok, you have some skill" or somthing from Revolutions, perhaps wishing to have the foresight of the Oracle, and willing to have her killed for it.

Sloth - Did you ever see the Merovingian take up a gun or blade and fight him himself? "These fellas work for my husband, they do his dirty work."

This is just a theory, but provides some grounds on how the Merovingian can be understood. Suggestions welcome and critisim expected (what else is the internet for?)

*Ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai, woman, this is nothing, c'est rien, c'est rien du tout. It's a game, it is only a game.*
#So is this. Have fun.#

Akshat Gupta


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Another Smith poster!
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Thats interesting. Where did you get that from?



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Hey, my tenth post!
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I just watched the movie "Se7en" (Brad Pitt and Samuel L?), and saw the Merovingian in a different light. That also supports the principal in another thread that the Merovingian is somewhat representative of the Devil, or perhaps could be seen as Hades, King of the Underworld. That would explain his collection of strange and wonderful beings.

the anomaly


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So many posts,I should be cited in books
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"you will see that i lack the virtues of both tolerance and patience"

another good merovingian quote will arguably hidden meaning(its from enter the matrix and he says it to the keymaker)

Another Smith


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Another Smith poster!
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I don't know if I've said this before, The Mero represented EVERYTHING that was bad about the Matrix...The Love of Power Cool

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Akshat Gupta


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Another Smith poster!
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As for what Hessian wrote above: your argument is completely flawed. You are still running with the assumption that Zion is another level of the Matrix. What about the ones that dont believe that?

Even then it doesn't make sense. Merovingian hardly shows any power within the Matrix. Infact he is sort of a mob boss, running the show underground, using the exiles as his crew.


Re: Merv...  

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Somewhat experienced poster
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Another Smith wrote:

The Mero represented EVERYTHING that was bad about the Matrix...The Love of Power Cool

Merovingian is descended from the Merovingian King Dagobert...

He's the Dogbert of the matrix! Twisted Evil

(then who's Wally?)


Not been on for a while, I 'm back...  

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More posts than teeth
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This is all very interesting but a lot of the ground has already been covered here:


I like sone of the Theories that Ewart has come up with but I don't think we are there quite yet.

It might be worth everyone taking a look at that thread before commenting further about The Merovingian.

Seigneur Chevalier, Meroveus Du~Sang
"Cor Cordis Fides et Ferrum"


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Bleeding newbie poster
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strife wrote:

Well, did some research, here are some ideas which I have found...


"I believe that the guy was the guy was one of the programs who betrayed the oracle to the Merovingian"



"I would guess that the guy being led away from Merovingian's table in Reloaded is the father of the "special" child mentioned in ETM.

Why ?

He looks depressed & downcast as he has just betrayed someone. (i.e The Oracle)

He is being "escorted" away which suggest he is not someone who The
Merovingian would normally trust (i.e not an ally under normal circumstances)

The Merovingian appears to be in a jovial mood (as if he has just received some good news) when Neo & Co first sit down to chat with him & he asks Neo to tell the Oracle that her time is almost up.

As the trio walk in, Neo is the only one who looks across to see him being led away (almost as if he "sensed" his prescence) but does not appear to recognise him..."



"SUBZERO continues with one of the most noted observations, followed by a wild theory If you rewatch Reloaded you'll see just as Neo & Co. are walking towards the Merovingian's table, they show a bearded man being escorted away from that very table. He looks at Neo, the camera slows, and threatening musical overtones are heard for a brief second and then it's gone. I think he's the father of this kid the Oracle talked about, whoever the kid and the mother may be, I think he was there to give the Merovingian the key to the shell program of the Oracle. That would explain The Merovingian saying 'her time is almost up' in regards to the Oracle. He has her shell code and figures to do something with it, or initiate some kind of plan to attack her after he disposed of Neo. "

And finally...


"Some people believe the man in white being escorted out of the Merovingian's restaurant is Seraph's father. This is because of the statements Mero makes that her time is almost up. People feel that the man in white was just making the deal at that moment, like a black market exchange of Oracle's termination code for Seraph's. One thing to remember is that Oracle said she "trusted" these programs. Unfortanutely, we don't know of too many trustworthy programs in the Matrix, nor do we know which programs are close to her. I have a feeling that these parents are programs that have yet to be introduced."

I have read many more similar posts to these ones, all discussing very much the same idea. Indeed thought provoking, although I tend to agree with the theory that this man game the Merovingian something of great value and it excited him. The Merovingian is in a fantastic mood when he meets with the gang.

everyone here is away of the rama-kandra's sale of the oracle's code to Meriv (thus, explaining his cheerful mood upon greeting the trio), right?



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Bleeding newbie poster
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101 wrote:

I just watched the movie "Se7en" (Brad Pitt and Samuel L?), and saw the Merovingian in a different light. That also supports the principal in another thread that the Merovingian is somewhat representative of the Devil, or perhaps could be seen as Hades, King of the Underworld. That would explain his collection of strange and wonderful beings.

The collection of strange and wonderful beings makes sense, I agree with you on the hades thing. But his capacity as being a previous "One" still seems plausible as well given his age and what everyone in the move says regarding that.


hello. it`s my first post  

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I have just started to post
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Is such a topic was not previously on the forum?


interesting topic  

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I have just started to post
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Hey, my first post!
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