[Enter The Matrix]
Sparks: "And for the record, when I cart your bodies back to Zion, do you prefer cremation or the gardens?"
Ghost: "Sparks, your faith in us remains a source of personal inspiration."
Sparks: "Well, I am what I am and I do what I can."
Niobe: "Then, can you shut up and hit the button?"
Sparks: "Your wish, Captain, my Captain, is my keystroke, colon, double backlash, execute, command."



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»Do NOT post here if....«

Symbols in the Matrix & References to existing philosophies



Do NOT post here if....  

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Do not post in this section if it's a religious topic and has only little to do with the Matrix.

I have installed another forum for religious talks at




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"Symbols in the Matrix & References to existing philosophies"
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