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Naiobi's watch


Poster: brianc83  (see this users gallery)
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Registered: Mar 2004
Posts: 328
2006-Apr-25 3:38pm Rating: 10.00 

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Registered: May 2005
Posts: 1487
2006-Apr-26 3:30am Rating: 10.00 

what a watch
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Registered: Apr 2005
Posts: 23
2007-Apr-26 3:30am

YOU ALL ARE NOT WORTHY OF MY TIME! its like you all are constatimex

rushing out the door having to go to the bathroom and hurrying back in to go!
yea a natural nature call!
though when rushed it becomes a consta patient so on (etc..)

one cannot be rushed when using the nature calls. or it will not come as nature calls it! in due time!

you will just sit there and feel all blocked

as in this georgous watch that is so shiney and the exact way i see though i am dysletic you see!
as you can tell how I spell in most of my postings.
and though
I thought when I foud the world wide web this was my first pit stop
the matrix explained
and how i learned every thing
how i usually miss_understood!
hey this is gr8
reahahahahallyy you know
a place to learn and my very faveroate movie omgawds the flick was watched over and over and over again!

the first one especially i love the bathroom scene and the sound of the bricks shuffeling off the ole bufello shoes

or nnnnnnnnnnnno not this way
i would love to die that way having my plug pulled! and not feeling a thing!

u know she lied! she hjust wasnt ready now who can tell me her name!

It is you and I!

due to the mouse we use on this puter?
or was it
no u talk to me for once instead of in the web links hurting me if i allow you to!

YOu see I didnt know that this matrix gallery was nt for all to use for their own stuff and i greatly apologize for teaching in here as you can see I have taken it down!

so ask your self when you are in a hurry and need to use number 2 goingwithin to the restroom and are out the door late for work a googering ooooooooph waah
are you as in the little rascles that say ppppppppppoooooooooph waah
with just to much yeast in their cake flower and bump tummys ooooooop waay
goingwithin 2 ark michaels or was it spankeys dog! see i always speak in code and forget my what i have taught you all!


ignore listenup_tunein thats my manic hurt phase! sorry about that though the photos are real
and if someone would tell me how to rid the entire gallery i would in a hearts beating minute for you all do not i repete donot deserve me and my numbers and my salouting you r site and tellling my family friends and all of chat all about you as you think of it a s a consparicy u are paranoied! but look at your nummbers and visitors sore high huh huh huh know what i mean vern?
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Registered: Apr 2005
Posts: 23
2007-Apr-26 3:42am Rating: 10.00 

unconditional there isno time for ask this as this God spoke to me inmy puriety of heart due to it isnt mared with man made or places and things where the mind is all mushed up with exactly those 3 people places and machine things...

listen with your heart andnot your mind for it is since the breath taken engulfed with other thoughts and actions and ideas. the heart there fore ispure and where all sweetness and holesomeness and the truth lays. as well
the devil satin evil lies within its ow very own truth

mirroring back which it fathered in its very own spoken thought as to truth within back to itself so to thy own self be true!

what a web huh huh huh vern? as a spider has its web torn downit tangles to build it once more crooked.
it cannot rebuild it neetly ever again!
however rebirth can!
when one surrenders one can see through and through all things possible!

there isn't a possible thing that is never or always except god

so when you say you never or always

u are decieving your selves
karma will get you one way or another to teach you that lesson!


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